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How to create a design forum? What is the best free forum theme? Themes, also called templates, styles or skins, give a graphical appearance to your forum. Using a theme makes it easier to customize your forum after it's creation. The ModernBB theme allows you to create a forum with a modern look and design. Discover the new ModernBB theme for Forumotion forums.

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To choose your forum theme, it's necessary to take into account several criteria: the forum category, your community needs or the customizations that you wish to bring. The main goal is that the forum appearance suits you and your members. You can browse our best graphic design skins for forums and virtual communities. The themes available for Forumotion forums are all free. You can find and compare thousands of themes on HitSkin:

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ModernBB: new theme for free forums

Forumotion has launched a new free forums theme: ModernBB. This theme is proposed as a new forum version because many theme elements have been revised, including templates. The code has also been updated to facilitate future customizations by members. For the moment, the ModernBB theme is only available in the Forumotion forums administration panel. It will soon be possible to directly create a new forum with the theme ModernBB.

Introduction to ModernBB

The ModernBB theme allows you to have a forum that respects the new trends of web design. This is a complete theme, including templates, CSS, and default images. In addition, ModernBB offers an interface that is easier to understand and, more importantly, more visually pleasing. Indeed, the appearance of the interface (UI) as well as the user experience (UX) have been improved. You will be able to welcome your community on a discussion forum that respect the new habits of the Internet users.

Here are the main features and options of the ModernBB theme:

  • A modern and simplified graphical interface that gives your forum a design that is up to date.
  • Advanced customization options allow you to customize the forum appearance easily without any computing knowledge.
  • Optimizations to speed up the pages loading and improve forum SEO.
  • The theme ModernBB allows a better use of the forum desktop version on mobile devices.
  • Flexibility of the ModernBB template to all themes. You may create an RPG forum, as well as sports or cars forum. ModernBB adapts to all discussion forums.
  • Use Font Awesome to display icons.
  • A reworked forum header with social network icons, new menu, full width background image and a logo.
  • A new and modern footer.
  • Compatibility with all recent browsers, as well as LTR and RTL forum version.
  • A very active community to help you customize the ModernBB theme on our support forum.

To summarize, ModernBB is an easy-to-use theme that can be adapted to all online forums: sport, football, RPG, auto & motorcycle, animals, ... With ModernBB, you offer your forum a quality design and better messages readability.

ModernBB Theme Demo

The purpose of this demo is to present a possible appearance of the ModernBB theme. By browsing through this demo forum, you will be able to see the different forum pages and you will have an idea of the ModernBB potential.

Visit the ModernBB demo forum

What is a forum theme?

On a Forumotion free forum, it's necessary to separate the content part and the visual one. A forum theme corresponds to the visual part, it's responsible for the appearance of the different forum pages. For this reason, a forum theme is also called template, style or skin. The theme allows to give a "skin" to your discussion forum.

How to make a beautiful forum? You can control the appearance of your forum with these two solutions :

  • By installing a graphic theme that you like from our HitSkin catalog themes.
  • By modifying the default theme of your forum (phpBB3, phpBB2, punBB, Invision and ModernBB).

Some Forumotion users have specialized in the design of premium and tailor-made themes. This is the case, for example, of PunBB Design Forum. Other forums provide the community with graphic and coding advice such as Never Utopia.

A forum theme allows you to change the way the forum is displayed. Each theme may bring modified resources such as customized style images and stylesheets as well as modified templates. The Forumotion themes system offers users the ability to install any theme and switch between thems instantly to change the forum appearance. Only the design will be impacted, not the contents.

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