Forumotion dictionary

To make the administration of your forum easier, Forumotion took the care of setting up a small dictionary of technical words which are the most frequently encontered.

Administer a forum

Administer, manage your forum

Administration Panel

General tool which allows you to configure, manage and modify your forum.


This option consists in deleting messages who haven't had any answers since X days in a specific forum. These messages cannot be recovered after this pruning, except with the procedure of forum backup. You should not activate this option anywhere and you should be sure to have the usefulness to enable it.


An avatar is a small image which displays under the members usernames and which allows them to show their humor or represent them.

Backup a forum

It's the fact of getting back your forum to a moment when it worked well and to transfer it so that it works correctly again.


Expulsion of a member from your forum for various reasons: breaking the forum rules, rudeness towards a member …


Bump a topic by replying, in order to have it back to top in the topic list


The censorship indicates various forms of infringements to the freedom of expression, before and/or after their publication (a priori and a posteriori censorship).

Edit a member profile

With this option you can practically make everything with the profile of a member of your forum. Assign a level, change its quotation, deactivate its avatar, change its password, its login, its signature …

Edit message

To edit a message, you have to be either a moderator or the author of the message. Click "edit" above the message, modify the message as you wish and validate.


Flood means the sending of so many messages that the inbox will be overwhelmed and will become unusable.


Web hoster has for vocation to give Internet users web sites managed by third parties.

IP Address

An IP address ( IP for Internet Protocol) is the number which identifies every computer connected to Internet, or more generally and exactly, the network interface of any computer hardware (router, printer) connected to a computer network using the Internet Protocol.

Image address

Internet address. Every site possesses a unique address which you type in your browser to reach the site.


The referencing indicates all the submission phase of a Web site to a research tool: audit, research for keywords, submission, check, registration, location.


Powerful for forum experts! Invision is one of Forumotion's most performing versions, its power and stability makes of this version a must-have for people that want to use their forum at 100%. The best way to build a successful forum!


Open source system providing tools for the management of free forum.


Improved version of Phpbb who proposes more features than Phpbb2.

Phpbb Forum

System allowing the creation and the complete management of a free discussion forum online.


Send a message. The messages we post are public and can be read by everyone, unlike e-mail which is sent to only one destination address.

Private message (PM)

It's kind of like newsletters, but instead of being sent by e-mail, it use private messaging, messages being sent to a group of user. It's not possible to send it to all users without using groups.


Easy for beginners! Fast and graphically light, punBB is often chosen by users who like simplicity and ease-of-use. Make your punBB forum with all features included. Free punBB forum creation and hosting!


It's the bar on the right hand side of your browser who is used to come up and down in the page of your forum. Thanks to this option you can modify its colors.


A smiley or emoticon is a small drawing expressing an emotion. It illustrates your comments on a free forum.


Presentation Program which guides the user in the learning and the handling of a material or a software.


To upload a document means transferring a document from a local computer to a distant one. Within the management of a Web site, all the documents which constitute the site (pages, images, style sheets, multimedia files, etc.) have to be "uploaded" from the computer of the site creator towards the server.

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