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Forumotion: free forum hosting service

Forumotion allows you to create and host a free forum in just a few clicks. Creating a free forum is easy and fast. Forumotion offers free hosted forums! With a 10 years experience in forum hosting, Forumotion brings communities together. Start to build community forums.

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Create publications on your forum

How to enrich the content of your forum ? How to create an article as a teamwork ? With the section "publications" on Forumotion forums, you can read, write and share every type of content with your community.
Enhancing your free forum content has never been so easy. Enjoy the knowledge of your community to create unique contents and attract new members...

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The new version ModernBB for your forums

How to create a nice forum ? What is the ModernBB version ? The design of your forum is really important for its success. Indeed, to improve the interactions, the design has to be liked by your community. Having a beautiful forum is a criteria of success ! Discover the new version ModernBB for Forumotion forums.

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Create HTTPS forum

How to create a secure forum ? How to have HTTPS forum ? HTTPS secure protocol become a priority for every website in 2017. Forumotion permits to easily secure your discussion forum with the HTTPS protocol. By activating SSL certificate, you can create a better secure forum or run your free forum in HTTPS. Discover how to run your forum in HTTPS

HTTPS protocol for forums

Host your forum for free

How does web hosting work? Which host to choose to create your forum? Why choose Forumotion to host your forum? Whether it is for a website, a blog or a forum, a good hosting service is the gateway to the web. Here is the web hosting guide to choose its free forum hosting. Forumotion: specialized in free forum hosting since 2004 !

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RPG forum

How to create your RPG community? Forumotion is the best service to create a RPG forum thanks to attrative features such as online dice rolling, maps or characters sheets. You want to create a fantasy RPG forum? RPG around fans of Harry Potter?

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Create a pets forum

How to create a forum about pets? Forumotion hosts thousands of forums dedicated to animals like dogs, cats or aquarium. You can become an active member and discover all tips and tricks! You can also create your own community around your pets' passion!

Create a pets forum

Import your forum

How to import your external forum to Forumotion? Nothing more easy thanks to our import tool: it is free and easy. Moreover, migrating a forum to Forumotion allows you to enjoy a powerful and free hosting services.

Import benefits

Create a private forum

How to make a private forum? Looking to create a private community? To ensure discussions only between your members, Forumotion allows you to create forum 100% private for confidential forum groups. You control access to your discussion forum. Creating a private forum for members only!

Free private forum hosting

Create a forum with a domain name

Forumotion allows you to create a forum with a domain name without any technical skill. It is the forum address on internet. In addition, you also have a free address while creating your forum. Thus, you can welcome your members and new comers with a personalized internet address.

Free forum domain names

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Forumotion Tutorials

Forumotion Youtube Channel allows you to create forums easily. Find how to perform your forum thanks to Forumotion videos

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Forumotion offers many resources to help you to create, customize and manage your forum. It's the best forum hosting!

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Tips to remember in running a free forum:

Customize your forum

Forumotion offers several free services to custom and properly reference your forum on internet.

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Forumotion regularly updates its tool for creating and managing forums. Do not miss any news through Twitter!

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Forumotion is the best solution to create a free and customizable forum.
You can start your role-play forum (forum-based RPG), about pets or sports...

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