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How does web hosting work? Which host to choose to create your forum? Why choose Forumotion to host your forum? Whether it is for a website, a blog or a forum, a good hosting service is the gateway to the web. Here is the web hosting guide to choosing its free forum hosting. Forumotion: specialized free forum hosting!

Hosting Forum on Forumotion

Forumotion is a free forum hosting expert. You have the possibility to create a free forum without any technical knowledge thanks to our forum creation tool. Then, Forumotion takes care of hosting your forum online so that users can view your forum and its discussion topics. In addition to free hosting, you can enable an SSL certificate to have a secure HTTPS forum:

Create HTTPS forum

What is a forum hosting service?

To be accessible online, websites such as forums, and all digital content, must be stored on specialized infrastructures. This is called web hosting which can be defined as a storage service on a server connected to the internet 24 hours a day.

How Web hosting works?

Web hosting allows Internet users to permanently access the content that you publish online. Whether it is a discussion forum, a blog or any type of website, it's necessary to have a web hosting and a domain name.

Here is how a hosting and a domain name work:

  • Web hosting is used to store your files and databases on a server. Access to the server is done with an FTP or SFTP client for example.
  • The domain name allows Internet users to easily find your forum or website on the web. The DNS servers are the intermediary between the internet address of your forum and the IP address of the hosting server.

Once the hosting and the domain name is correctly associated (DNS configuration, IP address of the server...), your contents will be available online.

Requirements for a good forum hosting

Before choosing a free or paid hosting solution, you should compare the options and performance offered. Indeed, it's essential to choose a quality hosting provider to be certain that your forum is always accessible.

To help you make your choice, here are the most important requirements of a good forum hosting service:

  • Excellent loading performance of your forum pages. The speed display of the forum topics must be fast to improve internet users engagement and ensure a good SEO.
  • Your forum availability. Your discussion forum must be accessible all the time, even if some technical problems may appear.
  • No limits in terms of traffic, registered members or messages. You must be free to create a forum with unlimited discussions.
  • Secure web hosting to ensure your forum data and your community members protection. The availability of SSL certificates is also a necessity.

In addition, the choice of a free forum hosting service such as Forumotion or a paid web hosting solution, depends on your project and your computer knowledge.

Forum: Free or paid hosting?

If you want to create your discussion board, or any other website, you will have the choice between two solutions: free hosting or a paid solution. Even if the functioning of these two offers are the same, the advantages and disadvantages differ from one to the other.

Here is a quick comparison of free and paid web hosting solutions:

  • The free solution offers tailor-made accommodation, no installation or technical knowledge required. Web hosts have efficient and reliable servers, take care of the updates and have technical support. The forum administrator freely deals with it's board content, members and forum customization. However, the forum URL will usually contain the name of the host service in addition to the name of your forum.
  • Paid hosting is aimed at people with technical knowledge who can develop their forum from scratch. When choosing this solution, the forum administrator must ensure that the forum runs smoothly at all levels , Whether technical or content management.

Forumotion: Free forum hosting for phpBB, punBB and Invision

Choosing the right forum hosting service can improve your SEO, attract more visitors and generate constant traffic to your forum. Forumotion is a leading free web hosting forum service since 2004. Our online forum platform won the award for "Best Hosted Service" (see here).

Forumotion: a specialized forum host

With more than 16 years of experience and thousands of hosted forums and message boards around the world, Forumotion is very easy to use, and is compatible with phpBB, punBB and Invision forums.

Forumotion offers powerful, customizable and secure forum creation tools. Added to this, unlimited traffic and membership as well as specialized services such custom domain name, custom email addresses, enabling SSL certificates, and much more. Find all the features of the Forumotion forums.

Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you at any time whether you are a board administrator or a forum member. You can also ask questions about hosting your free forum on the support forum.

Choose Forumotion to host your forum

It should be noted that with Forumotion, you benefit from a professional and specialized web infrastructure. Therefore, the security and performance offered by Forumotion are equivalent to a paid solution for premium hosting. All free of charge!

As a result, you can host your community forum and its data securely on Forumotion's servers. You also benefit from unlimited traffic and an unlimited number of members and messages thanks to Forumotion's powerful hosting service with the best technologies of 2024 (ssd disks, latest version of PHP, ...).

You want to use your own domain name for your forum hosted on Forumotion? We provide you with the option to start a new discussion forum and customize it with your own domain name. With Forumotion you can use your own domain or purchase a custom domain name. Discover how to customize our free hosted forum service with a domain name.

Forumotion has been hosting free forums for 16 years now. With us, you have the guarantee to create a forum in a truly expert service for forums and online communities.