create a private forum

Create a private forum

Forumotion offers to create free forums, private and simple to manage. You want to share your passion? Create your forum for your business? To ensure discussions only between your members, Forumotion allows you to create forum 100% private for confidential forum groups. You control access to your discussion forum. For that, you just have to enter our creation page and start your personal forum in a minute.

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With millions of online forums, Forumotion is a reference in free forum creation. To join the forum of your dreams, Forumotion Directory allows you to find focused discussions around your passion. Let's discover our best forums on our board directory.

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Advantages of private forums creation

A forum, or message board, allows you to have your own discussion space on which you share with your community your knowledge. If you don't find a forum that fits with your wish, the best solution is to create your own forum and build your private community. Feel free to talk about any passions by creating a private forum. To make a private forum for a confidential or secret community, Forumotion free forum hosting service is the perfect solution. You can create a private forum or personal message board with registration by invitation only and nonpublic features.

Having a private forum has many advantages. This solution can perfectly fit with a small community, like an association, a video game clan, a school or a company. Indeed, a private forum helps to create discussions non visible to guests. Moreover, registrations can be checked by the administrators to have complete control over the forum. Thus, a user won't be able to access the forum content but only the connection page. If you decide to create a private forum, this latter won't be indexed. Indeed, a closed forum can be read only once connected. By consequences, neither newcomers nor search engines can access your forum content. A private forum is not open to public, but only to your private forum group.

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How to create a private forum?

How to start a private forum with an invitation-only registration? How to create a members-only forum? You have two solutions to exchange discreetly with your members around your passion: join an exiting internet forum or create your own forum. Forumotion proposes to create a private forum quickly and without any technical skill. Just a few clicks to enjoy private features for your free discussion forum.

Now, enter our homepage to create a free forum in seconds. It's easy! You just have to fill the internet address of the forum, a foundation email, a password, and finally a forum description and title. Once validated, the forum is available and ready to welcome your new comers.

Make a forum completely private with Forumotion

Creating a forum completely private on Forumotion is quick and easy. The forum visibility setting controls who can view your forum and its topics, allowing you to have a site private or public. To make a non-public forum, you just have to set your forum permissions according to your wishes. Forum permissions help to set the visibility of subjects and topics according to users' rank (guests, members, moderators or administrators). The permissions help to provide specific accesses like full Access or read-only access. Many parameters can be controlled through permissions, like the ability to see images, to add links into categories, or join attachments in a message or not...

Thanks to permission setting, it is possible to make your forum 100% private to all off-line users or non-registered users. To deny the access to an user in a minute, you just have to change your permissions setting by default in only few cliks and without manually change permissions for each user. On this way, you can build a private forum for your community and its confidential discussions. Forumotion is a free and private forum maker with networking forums: chat, groups and private messages for example.

Create a public forum with only few private sections

On Forumotion, it is also possible to create a public forum with only some private categories inside. For that, just check and manage your forum permissions. In that way, some subjects will be available only to few members. This option is very useful for the administrators that need to manage private and sensitive subjects. It also helps to make some categories available only for the most active members by indicating a minimum of messages to access the section. It's really helpful to build private groups and sections on your message board. To discuss among staff members, individualized subforums are the best way to manage your free internet forum.

Free themes for your forum

To personalize your private forum, find thousands of free themes on our creation platform You can customize your forum thanks to our panel of free themes that you can find via our advanced search by keywords and category or discover a selection of free themes to upload directly on your forum.

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