Create a video game forum

Create a video game forum

Communities love video games. Whether it's an online forum, videos on YouTube or even playing live, video games bring together many enthusiasts. With forumotion you can gather your community in one place by creating a forum exclusively dedicated to your favorite game. Share, discuss, laugh and meet other gamers!

The best video game forums in 2024

If you are a gamer, it’s time to find your community. And you will have the choice, you can find hundreds, even thousands of forums about gaming on the Forumotion platform. Just search for the game you are interested in on our board directory and you will find your place in a click... Find the best video game forums on our board directory:

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Why create a video game forum?

There are multiple purposes we can think of for creating a video game forum. The first one and the more obvious is if you are regularly playing a specific game and want to group the community in one place to share tips, cheats, videos and more, then creating a forum is probably a good move. Not to mention a forum entirely dedicated to your guild, clan or team.

It is also a real plus for people playing on a specific online server (World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA V). Likewise if you are an internet game enthusiast creating a forum is an excellent way to meet other gamers. To sum up, if you are a real fan and want to convey your love of the game with a community as in love with the game than you are, then you are in the good place!

If you are a FPS enthusiast then a forum is the ideal way to perfect your strategy with your teammates! Moreover you can share cheats and tips and take your skills to another level! If you are more into sport games like PES or FIFA then you can use your forum to find new opponents and organise tournaments. As well as for fighting games (Street fighter, Mortal kombat, Tekken...), you can share your techniques and learn new combos with other gamers.

If you like to play online games like Fortnite Battle Royale or League of Legends as a team, creating a forum makes it easy to exchange between team members. An online forum also makes it possible to make known his team and to recruit new players. You will also find all the information and tips of your favorite online games on these forums and message boards.

how to build a video game forum

How to create a video game forum?

If you find an existing community then you can simply join the forum as a member and join the discussion! If the community does not exist yet or doesn’t suit your taste then you can create your own forum about video games and gaming! Plus a forum is an excellent way to find new teammates!

Make a discussion forum and start playing

It can not be simpler with forumotion, you just have to choose a name and to complete the form and your forum is ready for use! Next you can share the content and discussion you want about your favorite game.

Build a gaming forum with Forumotion

One of the perks of creating a video game forum on Forumotion is that the platform already counts large communities of gamers. So it won't take long for you to regroup or to join your own community. Another advantage is that you can have a domain name that truly reflects the theme of your forum. You can check for yourself the most popular gaming forums on forumotion on our board directory.

Make your video game forum unique

Forums on forumotion are entirely customisable from the theme to the HTML code. You can set an unique tone for your forum and shape a distinct spirit to your community. If you're not that much of a designer, don’t worry, you can find hundreds of ready-to-use themes on Hitskin. You will have the choice between templates and themes dedicated to the world of your favorite video games: WoW, Minecraft, Pokémon, Fortnite...

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