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Do you want to create a community of animal and pets lovers? Forumotion offers you the opportunity to create a free forum to talk about animals. The rest is up to you! Online communities love pets and wild animals. Besides, the photos of dogs and cats are the most shared online. Create or become an active member on a forum dedicated to animals!

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Forumotion hosts thousand of animals and pets forums including dogs, cats and rodents. Those forums allow you to ask any kind of question to a community in love of animals. Find the best forums about animals on the forum directory:

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Why create a discussion forum about animals?

Creating a forum about animals or being an active member offers a lot of advantages. You have some questions about your pets, you want to understand your pets' behavior or simply create a better relationship between your cat and dog? A discussion forum provides fast and accurate answers thanks to knowledge sharing. Those animal lovers are the best people to help and advise you.

Some members are also veterinarians and will be happy to share their professional knowledge. If you don't find a forum about your favorite animal, you are free to create a forum and share your own experience about pets! It's the best way to build a pet forums community and to discuss animals and pets.

how to create a pets forum?

How to create a pet forum?

You have a pet and you want to share your tips and advice. There are two solutions: create your forum dedicated to animals or join a community of pets lovers. With Forumotion, creating a forum about animals takes only few seconds. Creation steps are very easy and fast. You'll just have to enter the name of your forum and your personal information. Then, your animal forum is directly accessible online. You are free to personalize your forum by choosing one of our free theme.

The best way to make your forum visible on internet is to create relevant contents about your subject. New comers will be happy to read your content and improve their knowledges about animals. You can also boost your traffic thanks to social networks to get an online discussion forum and community related to animals or pets.

Launch your forum dedicated to dogs

Our community appreciates forums about dogs. Indeed, dogs are man's best friend and masters like to discuss and share their experiences. Discover a very active You wish to create your own community and share your experience with dogs lovers! Build a forum dedicated to dogs is the best solution. After creating your forum about dog, you will just have to post some topics about dog breeds, dog food and health. Enjoy dog forums and their topics with rich contents and advices from canine experts. Discover the best dogs forums of Forumotion.

Create a forum about seaworld

Aquarium is a real passion. However, creating an aquarium is not easy and many people need help: How to create an aquarium? How to take care of fish? How to wash your aquarium? So many questions and so many answers on our forums! Create a forum about aquarium is the best way to get relevant advice. You will share practical experiences with a community that loves aquatic world. Then, if you don't want to create a forum you can participate in a forum dedicated to aquarium. Discover forums about seaworld on our directory board. Find a wonderful forum about aquarium here:

A forum for all pets and animals: cats, rodents, horses, birds...

We humans cannot live without animals. Whatever your pets, you can create a large and social community around your passion of pets with Forumotion. Enjoy pet forums concerning small animals, nutrition and health advices for instance. If you like cats, dogs, rodents or any other animals, a forum is the best way to improve your knowledge about animals. You just have to create your community around your favorite animal. It's a real pet social network with blogs, articles, messages, topics and photo albums. Forumotion allows you to create a forum and offers you a large numbers of free skins. So, why don't you create your own forum right now? That is the best way to meet people with the same passion!

Animal themes

In order to personalize your forum about animals, nothing better than choosing a theme that fits with your cats, dogs and small pets forum content. Thus, in few clicks, your forum will be personalized. Thanks to its unique design that perfectly fits with its animal thematic, your visitors will directly understand what your forum is about.

Discover a selection of themes about animals. All of them are available for free:

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