Create a RPG forum

Create a RPG forum

You want to create your own RPG community? Forumotion allows you to create your free Roleplay forum in few clicks! Once the creation over, you can personalize your forum and start to build your community of roleplayers! Context, characters or story, launch a RPG forum very easily and start playing immediately!

The best RPG forums in 2024

You want to share your passion and meet people involved in RPG. Forumotion hosts thousands of RPG forums on which you can participate and become an active member. Find our best RPG forums on our board directory:

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Why create a RPG forum?

If you like virtual discussions and have imagination, RPG forums are made for you. Having a RPG forum is the best way to build your own world around a passion. Get your imagination running! You are absolutely free to create your story and your characters. The rest is up to you... If you find a forum with the same passion, you can become an active member!

Our forums are particularly well-suited for RPG world with attractive features such as online dice rolling, maps or character sheets. Enjoy play-by-post and role-playing games on Forumotion. The best RPG categories are Fantasy, Naruto, Harry Potter or Fanfiction rpg forums.

how to build a RPG forum

How to create a RPG forum?

To satisfy your passion for writing, create a unique world and discuss with a community. How to create your own forum-based RPG? For that, you have two solutions: join an existing forum, or create your own forum! On Forumotion, you can create your free forum in a minute without technical knowledge. You can make a full personalization of your forum thanks to templates or directly upload a theme available for free on our service. Feel free to create a RPG forum about vampires, Naturo, or a TV series...

Make a discussion forum and play RPGs

To create a RPG forum for free, nothing more easy! You can make a play-by-post role-playing forum and play RPGs in few seconds. First, go into the creation page. Then, choose the url of your forum, the subdomain, and personal information. Don't worry, you can modify those information via a tool dedicated to founders. Once created, your forum is ready for a full personalization. Create some categories, add CSS and JavaScript so that your RPG forum fits with your universe. Finally, make your forum visible on the net. Use social networks and create relevant contents! Start a RPG forum is really simple for everybody.

For all fans of RPG, Forumotion includes free features such as characters sheets and dice rolling to improve RPG Roleplaying Games (RPGs) discussions. The character sheets are customizable by the admin to fit with your RPG universes. Become a RPG maker forums!

Build a realistic RPG forums

Forumotion hosts some very realistic forums inspired by some series or moovies. Discover a very active RPG forum about CSI Miami series Thus, you can create some stories inspired by the series, but also imagine your own version. It's a real and online roleplaying social network.

Start a fantasy RPG forums

All fans of fantasy stories will be happy to discover RPG forums about vampires, heroes, Harry Potter... Create in 2012, (The Avengers forum) invites you to discover the universe of superheroes. If you don't like superheroes you are free to create your own RPG forum and build your online community.

Some players particularly appreciate the history and characters of Japanese manga. Here is the example of an RPG forum on the universe of Naruto: Naruto RPG.

Make your RPG forum unique

The design is key component to have a unique forum. Forumotion proposes many free skins so that new comers immediately understand what your forum is talking about. Discover a selection of RPG themes to customize your RPG forum online and build your own community. All of them are available for free on Hitskin:

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