Create a forum with publications

Create a forum with publications

You would like to share some contents independently from your forum? Which platform should you use to publish articles? You want to create an informative page as a teamwork? A tool to work with your community? The articles on internet have become a real reference in our everyday life. On the free forums of Forumotion, you have the possibility to create publications on every subjects ; articles, recepees, poems, fanfictions… As a teamwork with you community. Your free forum is the best way to share your knowledge with your community which is passionated and informed about the subject you like.

Create a free forum with publications

You want to publish articles, your book or some information? Thanks to Forumotion, you can create easily and for free a dedicated place to share your passions. With an intuitive interface which is easy to use, you have the possibility to create publications on the subject you want and to enrich it with your members and community. This way, professionals, passionated people or specialists can put in common their knowledge to create unique contents. With an advanced moderated system, your publications and the publications of your members will be in adequation with what you’re expecting.

Discover the publications on your forums

What are the publications on the forums?

Internet users particularly appreciate writing and publishing articles on blogs in 2024. The observation is the same on discussion forums. Indeed, some subjects or stories are easier to publish as an article than a topic. It is for this reason that Forumotion allows added a new feature on free forums: publications. Thus, users can publish the articles they want: news, cooking recipes, mechanical tutorials, film reviews, photos...

Independant from the forums, the publications of Forumotion allow you to create an exclusive section dedicated to contents and articles. Modern and ergonomic, its unique design gives you the possibility to publish a text, a fanfiction, an article, … etc. in order to share it, but you can also make a collaborative work with your members. With this tool, all your members can edit the published contents to improve them or in order to add their knowledge.

Looking like an online encyclopedia editable by your members, the publications will be consecrated to the subjects of your forum and only what you want to appears, and they'll let your members share their knowledge with the rest of the world. They are the best way to improve the audience of a forum and make it famous. The publications system is a real appreciation of the knowledge on your forums. You can consider the publications as the « Wiki » of your forum and give unique expertise to your guests.

Create a forum with publications

How to create publications? How to write articles on a forum? How to publish a high-quality content? The function of the publication is now available on all the Forumotion forums and is optimized for your mobile and tablets thanks to its compatibility with « Accelerated Mobile Pages ». You can activate the publications in your administration panel and they are accessible by a link in your navigation bar. They are autonomous, on an independant page, even though they are on your forum.

Once they are activated, the publications are accessible to all the members and guests of your forum. You have the possibility to customize the permissions of this section to define the rules your want. Your members will be able to put their creations and to modify it, always under your moderation or under the moderation of a group to whom you gave your authorization.

To be sure that the publications fit with your forums and expectations, they are not online directly. Indeed, they have to be validated before by a moderator you’ve chosen. His mission will be to validate the publications to put them online. This assures you that the publications of your forum will correspond to your expectations. Your publications will be secured and moderated.

If you like to write and want to share what you write, like your books or chapters, essays or recepees, the publications are for you. The only limit is your imagination!

Educative publications

make a forum Create collaborative contents such as tutorials or articles that share a unique knowledge! The possibility to add videos, codes and pictures on your publications helps you to make an illimited number of customizations to make your tutorials clear and understandable for everybody!


Collaborative publications

create a forum Writing articles and publications together gives you a better content with a better quality. Together, you’ll be able to find new writing methods. Create publications as a teamwork with your members is the best way to appeal new members and readers on your forum.


A good publication quality

free forum All the publications published on Forumotion will be moderated by an administrator or a group of moderators before being online in order to keep a good quality of your content.

By activating the publications on your free forum Forumotion, you make the difference by giving a better visibility on internet to your forum through a better search engine optimization of your content. You will also have a new administration and moderation tool to guarantee a good quality of your publications. So, don’t wait anymore, create your first publication on Forumotion!

Create a forum with publications