These general terms and conditions of use ("Terms") are intended to define the terms and conditions for making available the services offered by forumotion.com ("the Services").

forumotion.com offers a free discussion forum creation service, and allows users to create and participate in such forums ("Forum(s)").

These Terms are intended to apply to the person creating and administrating a forum ("Administrator(s)"), as well as to persons likely to participate in it ("Member(s)"), or to visit it ("Guest(s)"). All these individuals can be named "User(s)".

Legal notice

forumotion.com is a service published by the company e-Toxic, a limited liability company based at 100 Rue Albert Caquot 06410 Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE, registered under number 490 862 059 in the Antibes Trade and Companies Register.

Datacenter : OVH : 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France and SOFTLAYER : 6400 International Parkway, Suite 2000, Plano, TX 75093 USA.


Compagny liability

Information – The information on the Services provided by forumotion.com is for information purposes only and has no contractual value. The company does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, and may make changes or updates at any time without prior notice.

Service access – forumotion.com shall take the necessary measures to avoid any unexpected slowdown or interruption of services without however being able to guarantee the absence of interruption, or even the duration of such interruption. forumotion.com cannot be held liable for network or server problems, or for any failure or breakdown. No refund can be considered for a service interruption, damage, or loss of content.

Service security – forumotion.com shall take the necessary measures to ensure the security of the contents, in particular with regular backup of all the contents. These backups are accessible to the Forum Administrator, who can restore his forum to the state in which it was at an earlier date, within the time limit of conservation of these backups. Apart from the provisions relating to data portability (see below), no backup or dump of a forum or of all or part of the data it contains may be provided, including for forums that have imported their database on the forumotion.com service.

Contents – forumotion.com does not perform any prior moderation or systematic verification of the contents published through its services, and is therefore not aware of their content. The Administrator shall ensure that they comply with these Terms and Applicable Laws. Consequently, forumotion.com cannot be held responsible for these contents.

User liability

Account security – When creating a forum or registering on a forum, the User has to choose a username and password. The User is solely responsible for the confidentiality of his credentials, and remains so if unauthorized actions are carried out by a third party with its account. It is advised to end the session (logout) after using the services. In case of fraudulent use of its credentials, the User has the obligation to inform forumotion.com without delay indicating the violations that may have been committed.

Use of services – The contents published through the services, in a public way or not, and whatever their nature (in particular, but not exclusively: information, code, data, text, software, music, sound, photography, image, graphic, video, chat, messages, files) engage the responsibility of the User who published them. The User declares that he holds all the rights and authorizations needed for the distribution of this content, and agrees not to publish any content that violates these Conditions. Under no circumstances shall forumotion.com be liable for the consequences of such publication, or for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.

All information, codes, data, texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, images, graphics, videos, chats, messages, files, or other content published through the services engage only the responsibility of the User who published them , regardless of whether the publication took place publicly or not. Under no circumstances shall forumotion.com be liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any published content, or for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with such content.

Damage caused – The User is liable for damage of any kind, material or immaterial, direct or indirect, caused to any third party, as well as to forumotion.com as a result of the unlawful use or exploitation of the services, regardless of the cause and location of such damage and guarantees forumotion.com against the consequences of any claims or actions which may arise therefrom. The User further waives any recourse against forumotion.com in the event of lawsuits brought by a third party against him as a result of the unlawful use and/or exploitation of the services.


Obligations of the Administrator

The Forum Administrator agrees to use the services in accordance with the purpose for which they were designed, and in accordance with these Terms. This use implies that the Administrator ensures compliance with the laws and regulations in force, public order, morality, and the rights of third parties (particularly intellectual property).

The Administrator has the same obligation concerning the content published by the Users of his forum. Moderation is performed a posteriori by the Administrator (and any persons he designated to satisfy it) in order to ensure compliance with these Terms.

The Administrator must in all circumstances refrain from using the services for the purpose or effect of contravening these Terms, in particular with regard to content designated as illegal by these Terms (see below).

Obligations of the User

The User undertakes to make use of the services in accordance with the purpose for which they were designed, and in accordance with these Terms. It is reminded that, in accordance with the preceding provisions, the User is solely responsible for the content he publishes.

The User undertakes not to participate in any action which has the purpose or effect of attempting to ensure the proper operation of the Services, in particular but not exclusively by (i) any behavior likely to interrupt, suspend, slow down or prevent the continuity of the Services, (ii) any intrusion or attempted intrusion into forumotion.com's systems, (iii) any misuse of the site's system resources, (iv) any actions likely to impose a disproportionate load on the site's infrastructure, (v) any breach of security and authentication measures, (vi) any acts likely to affect the financial, commercial or moral rights and interests of forumotion.com or its users.

By using the services offered by forumotion.com, the User accepts that the Forum Administrator is solely in charge of its management, and admits in particular that he moderates the posted content, and manages the Members.

The User undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and forumotion.com. All the elements visible on the site are protected by copyright legislation. The User may not under any circumstances use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, distort or transmit all or part of the site or its elements, such as texts, images, videos, without the prior written authorization of the company. The brands and logos appearing on the site, are the property of the company or are used with the authorization of the owner. No right or license may be granted on any of these elements without the written authorization of the company or third party, holder of the rights on the trademark or logo appearing on the site. The company reserves the right to prosecute any act of infringement of its intellectual property rights, including in the context of criminal proceedings.

Prohibited content and behaviour

By using the services offered by forumotion.com, the User agrees to use them in accordance with the purpose for which they were designed, and not to use the products and services to – in particular – encourage, promote or present in a favorable light:

  • Hacking, spamming, and attacks against networks and/or servers, phishing, malware, intrusion into the network of forumotion.com and third parties,
  • Content of a sexual, obscene, pornographic nature,
  • Violent, defamatory, discriminatory content, incitement to racial hatred, crimes against humanity,
  • The sharing, hosting, distribution or piracy of works and content protected by copyright and intellectual property, or any infringing practice,
  • The sale, exchange or donation of products subject to special legislation, medicinal products subject to medical prescription or not, narcotic drugs and other illicit substances,
  • Credit card fraud, or deceptive practices,
  • Violations of the rights and interests of minors,
  • Any behaviour contrary to the laws in force, affecting the rights of third parties, or prejudicial to them

forumotion.com is a free service that does everything possible to offer a quality service at the cutting edge of technology. Except as permitted by the credits management, it is strictly prohibited to remove, hide, or make unreadable by any means whatsoever the mandatory notices and copyrights appearing on the Forums (including in the toolbar and footer of the forum), as well as sponsored content or advertisements. These items can only be removed through credits management.

forumotion.com reserves the right to delete forums, messages or users that make use of the services that are manifestly illegal or contrary to these Terms, without prior notice. As such, forums containing text, links, images, animations, videos, classified ads or content of any other nature considered contrary to these Terms may be deleted without prior notice.

Activities contrary to the laws and regulations in force may be reported to the competent authorities and may give rise to legal action.

Personal data and cookies

Use of personal data

The processing of the User personal data is based on his consent, except when the data are necessary for the performance of a contract, or to comply with a legal obligation. In cases where such processing is based on his consent, he may withdraw his consent at any time in order to stop it, in accordance with our Privacy policy. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing operation based on the consent given prior to such withdrawal.

All the information the services collect is useful to the operation of the service, including improving the User experience, improving page display and operation, and, where appropriate, providing customized advertising results. Some of this data may be used if the User has expressly consented, in particular for receiving newsletters from the forums on which he has registered.

The User has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data collected, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. The modalities of the exercise of these rights are detailed in our Privacy policy.

The use of the services offered by forumotion.com is subordinated to the reading and acceptance by the User of the Privacy policy .

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file containing a limited amount of information, which is downloaded to the user's device when he visits a website. It allows the forum to recognize the user during his next visits to offer him an optimal navigation experience.

forumotion.com's services may involve the use of cookies, for technical, advertising, audience measurement, or social network modules purposes.

The User may at any time refuse and/or delete cookies stored by the services on his browser as explained in our Privacy policy. The User is informed of the possible impact that this choice may have on the proper functioning of the services.

Purchases and refunds

forumotion.com provides Users with optional paid services, such as "packages", domain name, or advertisements removal. By subscribing to one of these services, the User agrees to pay forumotion.com the monthly or annual subscription fee indicated. Payments are debited in advance on the day he purchases the service and cover its use for the chosen monthly or annual subscription period.

The purchase of products and services from forumotion.com entitles the buyer to a right of withdrawal within 15 days of the purchase, unless such products and services have been used in any way. In this case, the withdrawal period ends and it becomes impossible to cancel the purchase or obtain a refund. Outside the withdrawal period, no products or services are refundable, even if they have not been used and have not expired.

The credits expense, the subscription to a "package", the purchase of a domain name or the use of any service such as the deletion of advertisements is, within the meaning of these Terms, a "use" of a paid service. The User expressly consents by these Terms that these services may be provided before the expiry of the withdrawal period, resulting in the waiver of this period.

The modalities of exercise of the withdrawal and refund period provided by the present Terms do not concern the paying products and services purchased through a third-party partner of forumotion.com (contact directly the partner in this case, which will decide at its sole discretion whether or not to proceed with the refund). The withdrawal period and refunds do not concern products offered by forumotion.com, including but not exclusively during a contest.

To exercise its right of withdrawal for a paid service which has not been "used" in accordance with the provisions and which does not fall under the exclusion cases mentioned above, the User may contact forumotion.com directly: or +334.

If the User believes that forumotion.com has billed him in error, he should contact the company within 90 days of the concerned billing. No refunds will be given for fees charged more than 90 days ago.

forumotion.com reserves the right to refuse a refund request if there are reasons to believe that the User is trying to take unfair advantage of this refund policy (for example, by repeated requests for refunds for the same service or product), if he is violating these Terms or if forumotion.com has reasons to suspect that he is using the services fraudulently or that the User account is being used fraudulently by a third party.

This refund policy has no impact on the User statutory rights.

Forum import

The Administrator of a phpBB, InVision, or PunBB forum with a self-hosted installation may import it on the forumotion.com service, as long as he certifies that he is the sole owner and that the forum complies with these Terms of Use.

To do so, he has to create a new forum, and to request, on the last page of this process, the import of a forum. The Administrator must then include the database of the said forum, using the form provided. While waiting for the importation of the forum, the User must not make any modification on the newly created forum, as the content of this one will be overwritten by the importation of the forum.

The User is informed by e-mail of the various stages of the import process (reception, in progress, finalization, or failure). The User may contact the company about his import request via the e-mail address given, or the official support forum.

forumotion.com makes every effort to ensure that the import is carried out under the best possible conditions and within the announced deadlines. Nevertheless, it is not possible to guarantee these delays nor the final result of the import which remains intimately linked to the structure of the database of the forum to import. The applicant of an import therefore accepts the possibility of having to make certain adjustments on his forum in order to make it conform to the original.

In any event, the import request, the content of the database to be imported and the final forum imported on forumotion.com remain the sole responsibility of the Forum Administrator who initiated the import request. He also unconditionally accepts that forumotion.com reserves the right to refuse any import request deemed not being compliant with these Conditions.

Agreement and modification

By using forumotion.com's services, the User acknowledges without reservation, limitation or qualification that he has read and agrees to these Terms, and he agrees to comply with them, without prejudice to the possible application of other conditions or rules to certain specific services.

These Terms may be amended or modified at any time, at forumotion.com's discretion. These changes are effective immediately for new Users. All pre-existing Users must comply with the changes made within 30 days of being notified by any means.