turn forum into a progressive web app

Create a forum with a Progressive Web App

Would you like to create a free forum with modern technology? You also want to make it more intuitive and easy to use as a mobile application? Aware of this need of many of our users and committed to deploying the latest technologies that make our forums better, progressive web apps (PWAs) are now available on Forumotion. Learn how you can turn your free forum into a Progressive Web App.

Create a forum with a PWA

Would you like to create a new forum with a PWA or benefit from the Progressive Web App on your current forum, this latest technology that makes websites easier to use such as mobile applications? Do you want to make your forum more intuitive on mobile and increase interactions by allowing members to access it with a single click? Do you especially want to do all this without any technical knowledge and easily? Know that Forumotion gives you the opportunity to do so!

All about Forumotion's Progressive Web App

What is the Progressive Web App, also called PWA?

A progressive web app is first of all a web application whose main characteristic is to appear to the user almost in the same way as native mobile applications. PWAs work everywhere and deploy features that provide a better user experience. A PWA can be viewed like a traditional website, but allows a user experience similar to that of a mobile application, without the constraints of the latter (downloading from the Play Store or App Store, extensive use of the device's memory, etc.). Adopted by Forumotion, our Progressive Web App is 100% dedicated to your forum.

This means that each Forumotion forum has its own PWA. Each forum has its own app unlike the Topic'it service which is a native mobile application that allows access to all Forumotion forums. The PWA of your forum is dedicated to your community! The PWA combines the best features found on modern web browsers with the benefits and optimal user experience offered by mobile applications. Create your forum on Forumotion to take advantage of it to offer your community the best browsing comfort. New trends in digital technology show a high use of mobile phones. Optimizing your forum to adapt it to the uses on phones and tablets is therefore important.


What are the advantages of the PWA for Forumotion forums?

The PWA remains a good opportunity to build an active community of members. The use of this technology is easy and accessible to all types of audiences. Indeed, all Forumotion forums natively embed PWA technology. So, you just have to configure the design of your PWA by putting an icon and choosing the colors to display. The Forumotion developers have done most of the work for you!

So you have nothing to do to take advantage of it and make it available to the members of your forum. However, each user is free to install the application on his mobile or not. In any case, all users receive an invitation from the forum to install it. If the user accepts, he will have an icon on the home screen of his mobile device allowing him to access the forum directly. He will also be able to activate push notifications, having the possibility to choose the categories he would like to receive.

Regarding the benefits of the Progressive Web App for your forum members, here is a list of features that will make their lives easier:

  • Installation of the PWA on their mobile or PC. The forum icon is then installed on their home screen or Windows 10 desktop to access the forum with a single click. Of course, this icon can be customized by the forum founder.
  • Application dedicated to the forum. Your members open your forum which launches itself in a dedicated interface as it is the case on a classic mobile application. As a result, users are no longer on a simple tab of the web browser but really immersed in the world of your forum.
  • Receive push notifications to alert you to new content in the forum. Do you appreciate email notifications when there is a new topic that may interest you or a new response? Push notifications are even better: you receive an alert directly on your mobile or on your desktop without having to go through your email.
  • For better navigation, the Forumotion team has launched improvements to the mobile version: tap bar to access important pages more easily, access to private messages and followed topics...

The only disadvantage of PWAs is that it is a very recent technology and depends on web browsers. As a result, the features may be slightly different on Google Chrome, Safari or Edge. Also, PWA technology requires that the forum be in HTTPS. To allow your community to benefit from a PWA, you must therefore first secure your forum by passing it over HTTPS.

PWA for free forums

Ease of installation and use of the forum in PWA

convert forum to pwa PWAs have many advantages for your forum and your members. But how do I convert my free forum to PWA? How to make a PWA from your existing community forum? With the PWA technology and Forumotion, quickly and easily turn your discussion forum into an app! Discover how to turn your community website into a PWA.

First, the ease of installation. Installing the PWA for your forum does not require any technical knowledge from you or your forum members. Forumotion has automatically deployed PWA technology to each forum, including the ServiceWorker and the manifest. Installation is possible from a mobile or a desktop device without having to go through an application store. The PWA is very lightweight and you have nothing to worry about for your smartphone's memory.


More traffic on your forums thanks to the PWA

benefits of pwa for your forum The PWA allows you to enable web push notifications. Offering your community the ability to enable notifications is beneficial to your forum in two ways. Push notifications are the best way to keep them active on your forum. They are notified of new content. It also makes your forum more alive and more used. In addition, there is the possibility of pinning the forum icon on the home screen to access the forum directly without using a browser.


Security, speed and fluidity of Forumotion forums on mobile phones

make a pwa easily Thanks to the HTTPS protocol required for its operation, our PWAs are as secured as native applications. You will have no fear: the protection of your data is guaranteed. Finally, in addition to security, the application is always updated in real time, with each page loading, without the user noticing and having to intervene.

You can customize the Progressive Web App of your forum from your admin panel. You can define a name, a description, an icon as well as the colors of the toolbar and the background of the start page. So what are you waiting for to enjoy the PWA? See you soon on Forumotion for other new features!

Create a forum with a progressive web app