Benefits of forums : Share your Ideas

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Share your Ideas

There are millions of forums on the web on which every type of content, discussion, knowledge and expression are shared daily. Creating a free forum is not just a place to discuss, but also a powerful means of communication to spread ideas and knowledge!

Share your passion on a forum

Thanks to Forumotion, you can share your thoughts with some friends or with the world. Controlling access to your forum, you can choose who can edit posts on your forum.

You build your own community around the same passion. It is the assurance of having an active forum with members who contribute to the life of the forum: posts, replies and new topics, new members, discussions, etc.

On Forumotion, forums meet requirements and guidelines of search engines such as Google or Bing. Your forum and its topics will be easily visible on the net. Get regular new members on your forum improves discussions with new ideas and opinions.

Share your pictures and videos!

Our free images hosting allows you to easily upload and store images on the Internet in order to post it on a forum, a site, a blog or simply to share them with other people.

With Forumotion, you can host your images gallery for free. You can also manage your gallery into categories and albums, set up users permissions… Many tools are available to edit your images (rotation, sepia, black & white, blur…). A slide show is available to all users.

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