Benefits of forums : Customize your Forum

Create a free forum easily and enjoy many features and customizations to have an unique forum. The number of members and messages is unlimited! Start your own forum community on our free forum hosting service.

Customize your Forum

How to customize your forum? Having a forum is the best way to create a community. The graphic and design of the forum should match with the forum environment. Our collection of skins enables you to create an attractive website without any technical knowledge. Create, modify and personalize your forum in real time!

Customizing the forum

Whether you want to simply start up your forum, or give it a fresh new look, Forumotion's control panel and toolbox can help you to design the forum of your dreams. By choosing different fonts, colors, avatars, logos and images, you can customize any style to fit perfectly with your personality and the tone of your forum. Our boards are compatible with all media and accessible to all.

At any time you can rethink and redesign your forum by switching the theme. Forumotion offers a wide range of forums skins on Hitskin. In few clicks, you can install a beautiful skin on a new or existing forum. You can personalize your forum community with free and custom forum skin.

No design skill needed to customize the desktop or mobile version of your forum. You can change colors, upload logos and banners, edit templates... Our free forum hosting platform is the solution to have a unique forum. The free forums are mobile-friendly and available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Forumotion allows you to modify the stylesheet (CSS) and the forum's templates. In few clicks, you can change the colors or the logo of your free forum. The communities can customize the look and feel of their forums.

Add widgets and web pages your forum

The best way to customize your forum is to add functionalities. You can add widgets and webpages to your forum:

  • Add a portal: add a portal on your forum. Many widgets can be combined as the list of recent messages, calendar with events of the months, the list of members online…
  • Announcement: welcome visitors & members with a personalized message.
  • Calendar: display members’ birthday & other events.
  • HTML pages: improve your free forums by adding some HTML pages or turn your forum into a real website.
  • Character sheets: manage character sheets for "roleplaying" forums. These sheets are easily configurable by the forum administrator.
  • Customized domain: reserve your own personalized domain name and create your own e-mail accounts. It will be easier for newcomers to access to your forum.
  • Use your own domain name: you can link your own domain name to your forum via a CNAME.
  • Free forum directory: register your forum on our directory and promote it for free. Sharing your forum on social networks is also a good way of communication.
  • And much more features included!

With all those resources, personalize your forum and make it unique, is not a big deal. Forumotion hosts the best free forums on the net. Why not yours?





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