Benefits of forums : Discuss

Create a free forum easily and enjoy many features and customizations to have an unique forum. The number of members and messages is unlimited! Start your own forum community on our free forum hosting service.


A forum can be a place of exchange. A place for debate. A community. A source of information. You can use it to create multiple forums conversation, share information of your choice and give your opinion. With, discussions are unlimited: unlimited members and discussions on your free forum!

Discussions and exchanges optimized

Once your community is created, users can immediately file and read messages on the forum. People from all over the world can share information & knowledge. You can organize discussions into categories & sub-forums.

An alert system allows you to be informed by email for every new post matching your interests. A search engine enables to browse archives, a moderator can also intervene… Our chat box allows you to interact directly with your forum members.

Our free forums have all discussions and exchange tools for having a very active site. To enrich discussions with your community, do not hesitate to share multimedia content including pictures, graphics, or YouTube & Dailymotion video. Thus, that makes it easy to understand!

Rich discussions, messages and topics on your forum

By creating your community on our service, you allow your members to share all kinds of content together: texts, images, videos, smilies, attachments... Forumotion has included many improvements to further engage your members and increase the number of posts published. Indeed, many features facilitate access to the topics of a forum:

  • On the homepage of the forum, you have the opportunity to highlight the suets with recent response, the most popular topics, unanswered topics...
  • On a topic or a thread, reading messages is fluid. Shortcuts allow you to easily navigate between the first and the last message of the discussion.
  • Creating a new topic or posting a response is quick and easy on desktop and mobile.
  • Users can join your community in seconds to become a member of your forum and participate in discussions.

The success of an online forum is linked to the quality of its content. Therefore, we must encourage members to share as much as possible but also as best as possible with rich and interesting content. This is the best solution to be well referenced on search engines. With our free forum hosting service, forums and communities benefit from features that facilitate the creation and sharing of quality content between members.

Having an online community engaged

A discussion forum is the ideal place to discuss and exchange with users. By creating a forum, you can offer users the ability to share your passions, to exchange and join to a real community. Discuss and exchange messages, articles, images and video easily with Forumotion free forums.

All founder goals are to federate an engaged community of members. Discussions and contents will be all the richer that members are involved and share ideas. Our forum members put forward with detailed member profile. Find the best answers to a subject through the voting system! Choose to exchange in private by sending private messages or setting some permissions on your free forum.

Since the creation, Forumotion has enabled millions of people to express themselves and get in touch with each other. On your turn to start a new environment & make your voices heard.

Create a forum with active users is the best method to build an online community engaged. But you have to keep your forum extremely active with discussions and exchanges between members. Start to discuss and exchange on your free forum!!

Real-time chat for your forum

To share your opinions and passions instantly, our free forums have a chat room system. You can discuss and post messages with the real-time chat box. The real-time chatbox for your forum is a free feature on Forumotion. Your members talk with each other instantly. The chatbox makes your forum interactive.





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