Benefits of forums : Customize your Forum

Create a free forum easily and enjoy many features & customizations to have an unique forum. The number of members & messages is unlimited!

Customize your Forum

Our collection of various styles and skins enables you to easily create a visually attractive site without any knowledge of HTML.

Whether you want to simply start up to your forum, or give it a fresh new look, Forumotion's control panel and toolbox can help you design the forums you envisioned. By choosing different fonts, colors, avatars, smilies, logos and images, you can truly customize any style to fit perfectly with your personality or the tone of your forum.

Additionally, many widgets and additional web pages you can be installed in your forum:

  • As a portal: A portal functions as a point of access to various information and topics in your forum. Numerous widgets can actually be installed and combined to make up your portal (list of last messages, event calendar, list of online members… etc).
  • Module creation: Design and create your own widgets and add them to your site.
  • Event calendar: Display members' birthdates and other forum events.
  • HTML pages:Spice up your free forum and add HTML pages, or transform your forum into a full website.
  • Character sheets: Manage character sheets for "roleplaying" forums. These sheets are easily configurable by the forum administrator.
  • Customized domain: Reserve your own personalized domain name and create your own e-mail accounts.
  • Promote:Promote your site in our free forum directory.
  • And many more features!





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