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Create a free forum easily and enjoy many features & customizations to have an unique forum. The number of members & messages is unlimited!


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Forumotion can provide you with completely free forums.

The administration panel is intuitiveand was designed based on the needs and expectations of a broad range of users, skill levels and desired goals. You can therefore manage your free forum in the simplest way possible, or in a more complex manner.

Forumotion's key features can help you develop complete, innovative, ergonomic and easily adaptable platforms. And countless new tools and features are being made available:

  • A litigation panel: Forum members can use this to directly contact forum administration in order to settle any disputes relating to the member.
  • Utilities panel: Forum administrators can repair errors committed on their free forum. Through the panel, they can retrieve deleted messages, or even restore a deleted forum.
  • Dedicated customer service: If you need assistance or advice on managing your forum, visit Forumotion's official support forum, where our support team is at your disposal. As we strive to be highly reactive to new possible features, we dedicate ourselves to be attentive to comments and suggestions made on our support forum.





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