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::V-Tex Forum::

651 ::V-Tex Forum::

Sekolah Menengah Teknik Muadzam Shah (SMTMS) merupakan sebuah sekolah yang terletak dalam daerah Rompin di negeri Pahang Darulmakmur. Ia meliputi keluasan 54 ekar di dataran kaki Bukit Re

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A portal for all Mike and Rainie fans to gather =)

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Welcome To Highschool!

653 Welcome To Highschool!

This RP is about a group of rebel highschoolers. They skip class, Do drugs, Drink, Party, Do whatever they want. And NOBODY will stop them. But.. Some of these highschoolers may have secrets..

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The Corner

654 The Corner

Welcome to The Corner, where we discuss what's going on and its implications.

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