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Tag Paradise

1 Tag Paradise

New Tag Board. Taggers Welcome, new or old. We have awesome tags here. And lots of fun. Come join us.

  • Numbers of topics: 510 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Divaz Designs

2 Free forum : Divaz Designs

Free forum : A place to share our creations and make friends and laugh and most important have a good time.

  • Numbers of topics: 293 (since 3 months)
Savage Island

3 Savage Island

The Sav is Back! Welcome to Savage Island where you can kick back and relax. This is a place for both taggers and non-taggers to escape from reality. Welcome!

  • Numbers of topics: 162 (since 3 months)

4 KBB CAD Forum

To help to have a better, faster, more intuitive place to report problems, get help and discuss features in CAD software predominately used in the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Industry.

  • Numbers of topics: 118 (since 3 months)
Innovate Malaysia Design Competition

5 Innovate Malaysia Design Competition

The largest technological design competition in Malaysia

  • Numbers of topics: 14 (since 3 months)

6 TinciDesigns

Tinci Designs Creative team

  • Numbers of topics: 13 (since 3 months)
Red Ivy Design

7 Red Ivy Design

Red Ivy Design - CT forum

  • Numbers of topics: 8 (since 3 months)
A Learning & Teaching Paint Shop ProExperience

8 A Learning & Teaching Paint Shop ProExperience

We teach PSP and learn from each other. A Learning & Teaching PSP Experience

  • Numbers of topics: 6 (since 3 months)

9 FilesSalesForum

This forum is specialy designed for IMVU users to sell their files. This forum isn't monitored by IMVU. Inc neather is part of it.

  • Numbers of topics: 2 (since 3 months)
Vset 16 Design Team

10 Vset 16 Design Team

Sweet 16 Design Team

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)
HPBD Forum

11 HPBD Forum

IMVU's Homepage Building and Design Forum.

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Dew Drop Designs

12 Free forum : Dew Drop Designs

Free forum : one stop for all your graphic design needs

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)
Creation MungTage

13 Creation MungTage

I have you ever made or crafted something that you had always wanted to showoff? Well, come down here, and showoff anything you created.

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)
Skin Crazy

14 Skin Crazy

Skin Design and Templates for Forumotion

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)

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