Create your digital classroom

The creation of a school forum allows you to ensure continuity in the life of your classes, whether for schools, colleges or universities. Online courses, homework, group work, student connection monitoring, notifications... Take advantage of useful features to manage your classes and teach from a distance with a digital classroom.

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Forumotion mobilizes its resources

To allow continuity in school life, Forumotion mobilizes its resources to facilitate online courses and exchanges between teachers and students. Take advantage of the premium features offered during this health crisis: no advertising, storage adapted to the needs of online courses... Make your school, college, university forum for free!

School Forum: distance learning solution for all teachers

To compensate for the schools closure and access to online services problems, Forumotion allows you to create a 100% free school forum with premium features that will be offered to you for the confinement duration.



What are the advantages of a Forumotion school forum ?

A school forum is an online space for teachers and students to organize lessons and homework online. No computing language knowledge is required, just create a forum, configure its structure and invite your students.

For example, you can organize the forum to host all your classes or create a forum dedicated to each of your classes. The choice depends on you and the organization you want to set up when creating categories, forums and sub-forums.

Take advantage of the basic features of Forumotion forums :

  • Secure HTTPS and RGPD compliant forum.
  • Forums and data hosted in France.
  • Students registration via their e-mail or social accounts (Facebook, Twitter or Google).
  • Unlimited topics and messages.
  • Live common discussions via chatbox
  • Private messaging, poll creation and multiple choice questions.
  • Access permissions.
  • New topic and message e-mail notifications, push notification, ...

More specific features such as creating events for homework and tests are possible, the calendar, sending push notifications or newsletters to students to alert them to new content, controlling student connections to the forum, setting up a Discord widget, etc.

We stand in solidarity with teachers and professors

It is important that all players show solidarity. Forumotion is one of free forums creation leaders and has its own hosting and storage infrastructure. In order to help teachers and students, we offer a completely free forum creation solution with premium features that will be offered to you throughout the containment and crisis of the Coronavirus.

First of all, each school forum will be offered a 10 GB storage space to allow the sharing of all multimedia documents: photos, PDFs, audio files or ZIP files. The assurance of being able to share teaching resources between teachers and students without limit.

No advertising will be shown on the school forums. Students should stay focused on the lessons and as such, we do not wish to display any advertising content that may distract students' attention or use some of their browsing data. All school forums will benefit from free ad removal.

School forum demo

Forums are the perfect format for organizing online courses and virtual classes. Here's a demo to give you an idea of how it's done :