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~Roleplay Buddies~

Private roleplays from anime, manga, OCs, and video games. There will be different roleplays that include characters such as Neku Sakuraba, Sho Minamimoto, Katt, Yuki, Yuka, Parasite, Mockingbird, Crow, Vanitas, Cheshire, Shooter, Lea, Midna, N, Lala

~roleplay, buddies~, private, roleplays, from, anime, manga, video, games, there, will, different, that, include, characters, such, neku, sakuraba, minamimoto, katt, #yuki, yuka, parasite, mockingbird, crow, vanitas

Vampire Knight

For Fans of Vampire Knight!

vampire, knight, forum, zero, #yuki, kaname, vampires

Yuki's shrine

This is Yuki's shrine

yuki's, shrine, this

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