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The Homemade Life

A forum for those seeking a simpler and more sustainable way of life.

green, forum, homemade, life, smallholding, voluntary, simplicity, self, suffciency, folk, downshift, downsize, #reliance, living, crafting, heritage, crafts, bodger

Off-Grid and Prepping

A place to discuss topics for those interested in Prepping, Self- Sufficiency, living off grid or similar.

prepping, off-grid, bushcraft, self-sufficiency, forum, interested, self, sufficiency, living, grid, shtf, #teotwawki, gear, reviews, outdoors, camping, apocalypse, preparedness

Free forum : Reliance Guild Forum

Free forum : Welcome to Reliance Guild Forums!

free, forum, #reliance, guild, welcome, forums!

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