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prava syndrome

Kotov Syndrome [kS]

Free forum : For the members of [kS] and alliance!

free, kotov, #syndrome, [ks], members, alliance!

CNY Aspies

A forum for individuals in Central/Upstate NY with Asperger's Syndrome to share stories, compare notes, and discuss living with our unique strengths and weaknesses.

aspies, forum, individuals, central/upstate, with, asperger's, #syndrome, share, stories, compare, notes, discuss, living, unique, strengths, weaknesses


Free forum : ========SCENENETIC SYNDROME======== ==========The Scene Maker=========== ======================================= This Group is not a PERFECTION group. This group is all about personalities

free, scenenetic, #syndrome, syndrome========, ==========the, scene, maker===========, this, group, perfection

Life's Journey with Down Syndrome

This forum was created for those who love someone with Down Syndrome. This is a community in which we share the triumphs and the trials, the celebrations and the struggles, the joys and

life's, journey, with, down, #syndrome, this, created, those, love, someone, community, which, share, triumphs

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