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The Island Academy

Off the shores of the city of New Athens over the great Poseidon Sea is an island which is lead to by a bridge, on this large island is an Academy called, The Island Academy.

island, academy, shores, city, #athens, over, great, poseidon, which, lead, bridge, this, large


Founded: Hero Release Date: March 2, 2011 About: Godswar US - MMORPG Browser Game General Information Guild: HunterServer: ZeusPolis: Athens Mission: The care of the future is mine

hunter, founded, hero, release, date, march, 2011, about, godswar, mmorpg, browser, game, general, information, guild, hunterserver, zeuspolis, #athens, mission, care, future, mine

Athens Schools Archery

Athens Schools Archery communcations!

#athens, schools, archery, communcations!

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