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invertido persona

Persona :: Arcana

A Persona based RPG

#persona, arcana, based

Night and day guardians

A rp for everyone with there fursona or persona, we are all in one pack and have various topics on what adventure were on, some short some long. The site leader (ghosty) decides when the RP ends, and she starts a new RP!

night, guardians, everyone, with, there, fursona, #persona, pack, have, various, topics, what, adventure, were, some, short, long, site, leader, (ghosty), decides, when

Shadows Unleashed

A persona seires based rp site.

shadows, unleashed, #persona, seires, based, site


Este foro esta dise~ado para todas las personas que esten pasando por un momento dificil relacionado con la persona que quieren.

corazon, roto, amor, desepciones, triste, infiel, seduccion, partido, cuernudos, traiccion

Persona TS

Persona Terminal Sanction is a roleplay following The Fall in Persona 3. The world has been brought near total destruction, and the only thing keeping it alive is human spirit. You can choose to fight selflessly against the odds, or just try to ensur

#persona, terminal, sanction, roleplay, following, fall, world, been, brought, near, total, destruction, only, thing, keeping, alive, human, spirit, choose, fight, selfl

Free forum : Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4

Free forum : Choose any character from any series. Free forum : Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4

free, shin, megami, tensei, #persona, choose, character, from, series

Shadow of genesis

This is a site created for Role Playing in the persona Universe

shadow, genesis, this, site, created, role, playing, #persona, universe

Forum free : H.K.U Republic

Forum free : the republic of the ever ingenuities, infirmities, amazing, god-fearing persona, artist, sleepy-heads, versatile and achievers of the land of fruits and highland springs particularly of N

forum, free, h.k.u, republic


Free forum, Iraq Dinar Espanol

free, foro, coqui, dinares, informacion, dedicado, toda, aquella, #persona, #invertido, dinar, buscan, seria, objetiva, para, mantenerse, tanto

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