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haxors assholes

Fighting Taco's P.M.C

We are contractor assholes.

airsoft, fighting, taco's, p.m.c, contractor, #assholes, ftpmc

Assholes By Nature

This is a recruitment/blogging forum for the ABN clan.

#assholes, nature, this, forum, clan

Stone's Forumz

A forum especially made for the blocklanders that don't want to have to put up with assholes.

stone's, forumz, especially, made, blocklanders, that, don't, want, have, with, #assholes

LOW Board

Welcome to LOW. This is a sanctuary for cool people like Shyka, ASKEWD, flp, Johnboy, Cole, and Jen. Please say hi when you stop in because lurkers are creepy.

free, board, welcome, that, your, whenever, you'd, like, this, community, where, hate, #assholes

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