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BG Pathfinder

A Pathfinder+3rd edition D&D group founded by a group of Bleach Gotei players.

pathfinder, pathfinder+3rd, edition, group, founded, bleach, #gotei, players

Bleach: Soul Destiny

Centuries after Aizen's defeat, a new age of evil arises. The Gotei Thirteen of Ichigo's time are retired and new leaders have stepped up to take their place.

bleach:, soul, destiny, centuries, after, aizen's, defeat, evil, arises, #gotei, thirteen, ichigo's, time, retired, leaders, have, stepped, take, their, place

Gotei 14 Divisions

Welcome To Gotei 14

come, #gotei

Free forum : The 13 Gotei

Free forum : Thisis the oficial forum of the 13 Gotei of TNR Clan

free, #gotei, thisis, oficial, clan

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