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The RPG Forums

1 The RPG Forums

A Forum For RPGs and General Discussion

  • Numbers of topics: 292 (since 3 months)
yugioh roleplay

2 yugioh roleplay

this site is for yugioh role players and the purpose is in the name, a place for people to roleplay like the anime. this is done with oc's, just follow the rules

  • Numbers of topics: 18 (since 3 months)
Anime Benders Studio

3 Anime Benders Studio

Welcome everyone! We are Anime Benders Studio! We are a new kind of studio that uses any type of anime along with Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend Of Korra. We have our own forum (in the link below). We are currently looking for active members w

  • Numbers of topics: 17 (since 3 months)
Roleplay Paradisu

4 Roleplay Paradisu

A paradise for roleplayers. Here, you can find or create any type of RP. Come and join us today~

  • Numbers of topics: 6 (since 3 months)
Neo's RP

5 Neo's RP

A (mostly) no-rules forum for the creation & playing of forum RPGs.

  • Numbers of topics: 5 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Crossover Roleplay Mania

6 Free forum : Crossover Roleplay Mania

Free forum : A roleplay forum in a crossed over world.

  • Numbers of topics: 5 (since 3 months)
Animagic RP Site

7 Animagic RP Site

Please feel free to join and take part in the many rps that have been posted up! The site is currently trying to bring in new people, so please! Bring your Magic! ! ! ! : )

  • Numbers of topics: 3 (since 3 months)
Role Play Convo

8 Role Play Convo

Convo's R Here

  • Numbers of topics: 2 (since 3 months)
Roleplay Sanctum

9 Roleplay Sanctum

A place for anyone and everyone to roleplay their hearts out

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)
RWBY Roleplay

10 RWBY Roleplay

A Roleplay site based on the Rooster Teeth Anime RWBY featuring Original Character Creation

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)
Roleplay University

11 Roleplay University

role play any and every anime, manga, movie, or book!

  • Numbers of topics: 1 (since 3 months)

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