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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat Forum & Info

1 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat Forum & Info

A place for Staffordshire bull terrrier owners, breeders, trainers, admirers, ect. to come and socialize. We are a family friendly site, so everyone is welcomed to come and learn as well as just have fun!

  • Numbers of topics: 2800 (since 3 months)
All Breeds Dog Forum

2 All Breeds Dog Forum

All Breeds Dog Forum : Chat, discuss, debate, ask advice or just browse - a place for anything and everything dog related! Mixed breeds are welcome!

  • Numbers of topics: 520 (since 3 months)
Myriad - A Chatlands' Chatsite

3 Myriad - A Chatlands' Chatsite

Myriad of unique creatures.

  • Numbers of topics: 281 (since 3 months)

4 all4sheltiesuk

The UK's most popular Sheltie forum. The perfect site for all owners of the wonderful Shetland Sheepdog. . . . house pets, health issues, agility, showing, obedience, puppies and 1, 000's of photos

  • Numbers of topics: 264 (since 3 months)
st bernard sendboard

5 st bernard sendboard

Here we have a forum dedicated to the st bernard!we want people to post who have an intrest in the breed from Breeders to pet owners from people who show there saints to people who admi

  • Numbers of topics: 244 (since 3 months)
American Railers

6 American Railers

The best American Railers in Quake 3 1.16.

  • Numbers of topics: 161 (since 3 months)
Dying Breed

7 Dying Breed

We are the Dying Breed!

  • Numbers of topics: 152 (since 3 months)
Dirty Dog Crew

8 Dirty Dog Crew

The Dirty Dogs, A MW2 Clan that is getting up and ready for battle and making there way to the top.

  • Numbers of topics: 143 (since 3 months)
Vikings Of Victory

9 Vikings Of Victory

Diskuter og kom med tips og triks. Vikings Of Victory

  • Numbers of topics: 140 (since 3 months)
DoggieData Forum

10 DoggieData Forum

Tips, tricks and hints for doggie owners

  • Numbers of topics: 139 (since 3 months)

11 Wafflez

The awesome site for wafflez! No pancakes allowed!!!!

  • Numbers of topics: 132 (since 3 months)
Bacon Cheddar Fries

12 Bacon Cheddar Fries

Bacon Cheddar Fries, Formally Known As The Dave And Pat Show

  • Numbers of topics: 131 (since 3 months)
Junkyard Dogs

13 Junkyard Dogs

The Chatland

  • Numbers of topics: 129 (since 3 months)

14 MightyAxes

A forum for the members of Clash of Clans Clan MightyAxes

  • Numbers of topics: 127 (since 3 months)


Free forum : Description

  • Numbers of topics: 127 (since 3 months)

16 shitsandgiggles

Forum for training logs, shits and giggles

  • Numbers of topics: 124 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Real talk of the American Bully

17 Free forum : Real talk of the American Bully

Free forum : This a forum board that we can talk freely about American Bullies All line welcome

  • Numbers of topics: 124 (since 3 months)
Pomeranian Palace

18 Pomeranian Palace

A discussion forum made for owners and would-be owners of the precious dog breed, pomeranians.

  • Numbers of topics: 120 (since 3 months)
Praetorian Guard

19 Praetorian Guard

Guild of Caelestrasz (US)

  • Numbers of topics: 120 (since 3 months)

20 Rikki.Zane

A forum to talk about H20 Just add water and Rikki and Zane!

  • Numbers of topics: 120 (since 3 months)



  • Numbers of topics: 119 (since 3 months)
1st SS Sturmgeschutze Battalion

22 1st SS Sturmgeschutze Battalion

The 183 Volksgrenadier Division was a German troop during the World War II.

  • Numbers of topics: 118 (since 3 months)


The bully nation is for all bully owners, lovers and, breeders to share opinions, results etc.

  • Numbers of topics: 117 (since 3 months)
Free forum : All american Chats

24 Free forum : All american Chats

Free forum : This site is All american chats where you can chat with anybody

  • Numbers of topics: 117 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Kentucky Fried [Dog]

25 Free forum : Kentucky Fried [Dog]

Free forum : Welcome to the [Dog] Forums!. Free forum : Kentucky Fried [Dog]

  • Numbers of topics: 116 (since 3 months)

26 H2O-Mermaids


  • Numbers of topics: 115 (since 3 months)

27 Lovers

Clan Lovers of megaten!

  • Numbers of topics: 114 (since 3 months)
Dark Guard

28 Dark Guard

Forum for members of Dark Guard. For the Horde!

  • Numbers of topics: 114 (since 3 months)
S.A Show Pits

29 S.A Show Pits

Anything and everything pitbull

  • Numbers of topics: 113 (since 3 months)
Wolf Like Dogs

30 Wolf Like Dogs

Wolf Like Dogs - discussion Centre for ALL wolf a like dog breeds. For debates and information. All breeders and owners welcome

  • Numbers of topics: 113 (since 3 months)

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