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The Galaxy Cauldron

1 The Galaxy Cauldron

The most powerful star in the universe. The place where worlds are created, stars are born, legends die and Sailor Moon lives forever.

  • Numbers of topics: 655 (since 3 months)
Duel Academy

2 Duel Academy

Duel Academy is an online community dedicated to helping you participate in countless tournaments, improve all areas of your card game skills. Not to mention we have a fun and welcoming community.

  • Numbers of topics: 448 (since 3 months)
Magic Arts Duel Academy

3 Magic Arts Duel Academy

Free forum : We're a Team. Together we will rise and take the World by Surprise!

  • Numbers of topics: 259 (since 3 months)
GeNociDe Clan Forums

4 GeNociDe Clan Forums

Welcome to Genocide

  • Numbers of topics: 248 (since 3 months)
Team Galactic Clan

5 Team Galactic Clan

Team Galactic Clan is a Competitive Pokemon Battling clan that originated in Miiverse, based on the main antagonist in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. We primarily play Smogon format.

  • Numbers of topics: 197 (since 3 months)
All IN Official

6 All IN Official

All In Official Forums

  • Numbers of topics: 173 (since 3 months)
Plato's Academy

7 Plato's Academy

PHL 204

  • Numbers of topics: 170 (since 3 months)
Mega Marty

8 Mega Marty

Mega Marty's website for clients only

  • Numbers of topics: 157 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Pokemon Go Locations

9 Free forum : Pokemon Go Locations

Free forum : Share the locations of pokemon you have caught!

  • Numbers of topics: 152 (since 3 months)
(GX) Duel Academy

10 (GX) Duel Academy

The GX Duel Academy itself! Come to learn, to duel, and to make new friends!

  • Numbers of topics: 110 (since 3 months)
Cyber Soul Academy

11 Cyber Soul Academy

CSA (Cyber Soul Academy) is an Academy that strives to be the best Academy there is , and it is where the best Duelists come from around the globe .

  • Numbers of topics: 107 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Card Board Authority

12 Free forum : Card Board Authority

Sports Card Trading Site

  • Numbers of topics: 85 (since 3 months)
The Pika Club

13 The Pika Club

Free forum : A website for Pokemon Fans of all ages, all over the world!

  • Numbers of topics: 75 (since 3 months)
[セキエイこうげん] Indigo Plateau

14 [セキエイこうげん] Indigo Plateau

A fun and friendly Pokemon forum Indigo Plateau: best place for pokemon discussion! Discuss the games, share fanfics, start multiplayer RPGs or Pokemon battles, Watch the anime, listen to music or chat with o

  • Numbers of topics: 74 (since 3 months)
Speedrun For Fun

15 Speedrun For Fun

A friendly community for speed and challenge runs of games we love.

  • Numbers of topics: 61 (since 3 months)
YCG Discovery

16 YCG Discovery

Discover the card game of yugioh with other people by participating in discussions, tourneys, quizzes, and much more. . . Join Now!

  • Numbers of topics: 55 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Surreal Illusions

17 Free forum : Surreal Illusions

Free forum : This is a site for the members. You as a member get to choose how things go here

  • Numbers of topics: 53 (since 3 months)
Anime-joy moderators

18 Anime-joy moderators

This forum is for the mod team to discuss and vote on certain matters, as well as to record user bans and facilitate internal communications.

  • Numbers of topics: 51 (since 3 months)
Thai Mirumo Fans Season 11: CLUB LUCKY☆STAR

19 Thai Mirumo Fans Season 11: CLUB LUCKY☆STAR

ไม่ว่าคุณจะเป็นแฟนมิรุโมะ, ชอบดูอะนิเม, หรือชอบเล่นเกมแนวดนตรี เข้ามาคุยกันได้เลยที่นี่ ไม่จำกัดรูปแบบ ^_^

  • Numbers of topics: 49 (since 3 months)
World Dueling Academy

20 World Dueling Academy

Innovate, compete and discuss Yu-Gi-Oh! , CFV, Pokemon, LoL, Anime and all of your favorite video games with our small community.

  • Numbers of topics: 46 (since 3 months)
Gishki Duel Academy

21 Gishki Duel Academy

Join for all of your Luxurious Dueling Needs! ! !

  • Numbers of topics: 45 (since 3 months)

22 PokéForumunity

Welcome to PokéForumunity! We are Pokémon fans across the Globe where you can discuss anything about Pokémon freely. Create an account if you haven't already!

  • Numbers of topics: 43 (since 3 months)
Saint Seiya Mugen 2D

23 Saint Seiya Mugen 2D

los caballeros del zodiaco juego pc saint seiya mugen 2D PC

  • Numbers of topics: 41 (since 3 months)
PTA - Pokemon ticklers anonymous

24 PTA - Pokemon ticklers anonymous

A place for everyone who likes tickling Pokemon.

  • Numbers of topics: 39 (since 3 months)
Ninja Art Duel Academy

25 Ninja Art Duel Academy

A place to master the art of dueling and hang out with friends, Join Ninja Art today.

  • Numbers of topics: 39 (since 3 months)
Super Zenkai

26 Super Zenkai

A forum of the Dragon Ball Universe. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. Even GT.

  • Numbers of topics: 38 (since 3 months)
Arab Duel Academy

27 Arab Duel Academy

The Place Where All Arab duelists Around the World Meet.

  • Numbers of topics: 36 (since 3 months)
Otaku Gamerz

28 Otaku Gamerz

Welcome to the board!

  • Numbers of topics: 36 (since 3 months)
EllinesNakamaProductions Forums

29 EllinesNakamaProductions Forums

Ellines Nakama Productions ENP

  • Numbers of topics: 35 (since 3 months)
Dark Ice Espada Academy

30 Dark Ice Espada Academy

A place to duel and have fun.

  • Numbers of topics: 35 (since 3 months)
CardBreak Duel Academy

31 CardBreak Duel Academy

Based off of the Yugioh Series GX, duel and have fun among all else.

  • Numbers of topics: 33 (since 3 months)
The Testing Ground

32 The Testing Ground

A site dedicated to testing out characters for RPing on RP sites.

  • Numbers of topics: 32 (since 3 months)
The True Universe

33 The True Universe

Just some random rp based on different video games and anime. Strange, huh?

  • Numbers of topics: 31 (since 3 months)
Pokémon GO Forum - Join the Community -

34 Pokémon GO Forum - Join the Community -

Pokémon Go Community is the community website for the newest reality game Pokémon Go. We connect you with other players. Find tips, ask questions, find locations.

  • Numbers of topics: 30 (since 3 months)
PTU: Vexation of Ozai

35 PTU: Vexation of Ozai

Pokémon Tabletop United: Vexation of Ozai. A game of league battles, right and wrong, and Pokémon.

  • Numbers of topics: 29 (since 3 months)
Anime United: One World

36 Anime United: One World

Many anime brought into one.

  • Numbers of topics: 28 (since 3 months)
Alt Right Ultras

37 Alt Right Ultras

The official forum of the Alt Right Ultras

  • Numbers of topics: 27 (since 3 months)
PD Forum

38 PD Forum

punjabidharti. com | forum

  • Numbers of topics: 26 (since 3 months)
Forum : Wings of Destiny

39 Forum : Wings of Destiny

Το Wings of Destiny είναι ένα ελληνικό group που ασχολείται με την επεξεργασία, τον υποτιτλισμό ακόμα και με την μεταγλώττιση ιαπωνικών σειρών κινουμένων σχεδίων (anime) στα ελληνικά.

  • Numbers of topics: 24 (since 3 months)
Hi10 Anime Forums

40 Hi10 Anime Forums

Place to talk about anime, website, and all other stuff.

  • Numbers of topics: 24 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Anime Dimensions

41 Free forum : Anime Dimensions

Free forum : The world of anime has cracked and split up! Now once again all the dimensions have come together as one.

  • Numbers of topics: 23 (since 3 months)
Cyborg Central : The Gunslinger Girl Forum

42 Cyborg Central : The Gunslinger Girl Forum

Cyborg Central: The most active Gunslinger Girl fan community!

  • Numbers of topics: 21 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Stl Anime Club

43 Free forum : Stl Anime Club

WELCOME TO THE STL ANIME CLUB WEBSITE! Rules (because they are important): 1. No verbal abuse 2. No excessive swearing 3. No inappropriate usernames AND PLEASE HAVE FUN AND BE FRIENDLY! ! ! 11!

  • Numbers of topics: 20 (since 3 months)
seven veils | rp

44 seven veils | rp

{ harvest moon | grem

  • Numbers of topics: 19 (since 3 months)



  • Numbers of topics: 19 (since 3 months)
Art Cosplay Fandom

46 Art Cosplay Fandom

An online way of contacting the officers of A.C.F. and the member community! Share your stuff with us and ask questions.

  • Numbers of topics: 19 (since 3 months)
New Chrysalis Duel Academy

47 New Chrysalis Duel Academy

This is the all new and advanced Chrysalis Duel Academy! Removed on: 30/08/2015

  • Numbers of topics: 18 (since 3 months)
Black Whirlwind Forums

48 Black Whirlwind Forums

Birds of a Feather flock together!

  • Numbers of topics: 18 (since 3 months)

49 pokesellers

Online forums that provide support, tips and help to pokemon go players. There is also opportunity to sell/buy accounts to Pokemon go players.

  • Numbers of topics: 17 (since 3 months)
Free forum : Pokemon Go - NoVa Valor

50 Free forum : Pokemon Go - NoVa Valor

Free forum : A private forum for Pokemon Go - Valor (Red) team members in the NoVa area. Let's make the region red!

  • Numbers of topics: 17 (since 3 months)

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